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Sunday, September 02, 2012

I Forgot Your Name

When I was little my mother and father took me to a concert of a soul singer I liked, Roberto Ledesma.  We sat in the first row.  I was probably the only 5 year old in the audience. For many years I remained a fan of his music. One of the love songs in his repertoire did not make sense in my young mind: “I forgot your name”.  

It seemed impossible to comprehend that a person could forget the name of someone they had once loved in the way he described it; “in spite of how much I loved you, will you believe…I forgot your name”.  Unthinkable! 

I have forgotten names, though.  There were a few people who passed by my life whose name escapes my recollection. They passed by my life without much impact. Can we forget someone who made an impact? 

Nowadays I believe remembrance depends on the impact, negative or positive, a person had. The memory of a positive impression is everlasting to miniscule details; walking by a meeting place will still evoke a chuckle or a sigh. Something of that greatness remains.  

When the impact a person had in one’s life is negative, the mind dissociates much more quickly from triggers and reminders.  The name may not be forgotten, but something worse than that happens, there is no impact left when the mind thinks of them, if ever. They become total strangers who hardly have any place in the land of memory.  

That whole idea was too much for the 5 year old girl to get, decades later it makes perfect sense and just for the record, I still love his music.