I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Reaching a Goal

People achieving goals have always fascinated me. I still remember a simple article written by a woman who witnessed the journey of a man she saw every day on her drive to work.  He was heavy. Unshaven and wore the same shirt every day. She watched him for a year.  His face red with exhaustion, his feet slow, and so she continued on her story. After a year of seeing him, one day she noticed he had shaven, he was faster and he wore a different shirt. He reached his goal.  

I admire people who choose to work towards a goal. I am in awe when that goal is achieved. I’ve been lucky to see some of those goals reached.  

Months ago, I ran into my daughter’s art teacher who proclaimed she was going to one day do a triathlon. I noticed she had lost some weight, but she was just beginning to get into running, now she aimed to swim, bike and run? I wished her luck and hoped inside of me she would keep up.  

Two weekends ago I heard she was competing in the Lake George Tri. I had to be there! I contacted an old friend, made arrangements to be there and that morning I showed up. I looked for my friend and finally located her on her last two miles. She smiled, screamed in excitement and extended her tired arms to hug me. “Do you want company?” I asked not knowing “Of course!!!” she replied. We ran together the last two miles of her trek. Her family showered me with gratitude.  I was overwhelmed with their enthusiasm for my little help. I ran two miles with the woman, she did everything!!! But they were so grateful and so glad to see their daughter complete a tri that their gratitude continued throughout the day.  I was grateful to be part of their celebration.  

I also watched from a distance a friend engaged on a marathon ambition. I remember the time when she shared her desire to run enough marathons to be accepted in the Maniac club and her goal to run a marathon in every state.  Same as the art teacher, I wished her good luck and hoped she would make it.  

I’ve seen the culmination of that, too and I also felt I had to be there for the celebration.  

I admire not only the goal achieved, I admire the journey. The pain and aches it took to get there. I enjoy listening to their story. It is not just the getting there; it is how they got to that point. I enjoy hearing their stories, their trials and tribulations.  

Reaching a goal requires discipline, determination, guts. It is getting up to complete a work out when the body cries to stay in bed. It is pushing beyond the limits of comfort. It is pursuing that burning desire to achieve what they chose to complete.  

For them, it is the destination, for me I admire their journey and I am honored when I can be part of their celebration.