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Thursday, September 27, 2012

We could have had it all

Listening to “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele and the chorus “we could have had it all” it occurred to me that we all at some point have thought “we could have had it all”, but we didn’t.  

The key part of that equation is that we could have, but we didn’t because…it just could not work. While deep in hurt it is easy to let the mind fantasize about what could have been and in the process blame circumstances, people, oneself, whoever happens to be in the path for what at the time seems a negative outcome. It couldn’t be or it would have.  

Why couldn’t it be? 

Because the relationship lacked main elements like respect and kindness and because a lot of times that relationship is or turns abusive and often times the person feeling “we could have had it all” realizes eventually not having “it” was the best thing that could have happened to them. 

Some really good things come out of those feelings –look for the silver lining. Vulnerability fosters creativity. I am sure Adele felt that she could have had it all had that person she loved loved her back, and by now she is probably shaking her head and wondering what the hell was going through her head to write that master piece. 

The truth is that we all could have had it all had things worked out the way our fantasies went. But reality tells us the story went in the best possible way and we didn’t have it all because we never had any.