I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Living their Cause

I met the jolly good race director on that chilly morning. She confided her first attempt at organizing a race was done off the cuff. Yet, I was pleased to see she had gone to great lengths to make it a good experience.  “I want to make it bigger and better by next year” Any connection to the breast cancer cause? No, she replied, just want to help. 

Minutes later I was approached by 3 ladies who had volunteered for the race. Each wore a pink survival button. Their engagement with me was less pleasant than the previous one with the Race Director. Their attitude, tone, demeanor, was uncomfortably unfriendly and much judgmental.  

I tried to remain calmed while their inhospitable attitude continued. Minutes later the Race Director approached me and apologized for the way the women were speaking to me. When she walked away, it occurred to me that the cancer survivors volunteering for their own cause were the nasty ones. I found that odd.   

I have come across that in other occasions and each time it baffles me; shouldn’t a person who has clearly been given a second chance have a more pleasant “I’m happy to be alive” attitude? Apparently not. 

I do not get that.  I can only surmise that making it out of a dreadful life threatening situation makes some feel that they are the “chosen” ones, superior to all and therefore can treat others substandardly.  

They are missing the boat.  They are not above anyone and obviously they did not learn anything out of that lesson of life, and that’s a shame because there is nothing left to do but to move forward and try to make a better person out of yourself with whatever life throws your way. These women wore their button with pride as a race they had won over others, but they lacked the empathy and  compassion that the jolly race director had.  She did not have to wear the button, she knew what these women didn’t.  She knew how to reach out and help others, she knew how to be thankful for the life she had been granted.