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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Unfair Game

The grandmother called to get funds from Celebrate Life for the eighth grader suffering for over a year from a rare form of sarcoma.  The prognosis is unknown with only 18 cases diagnosed. When I hang up I remembered a call I had gotten just a few days earlier; a woman seeking financial assistance for her 2 year old girl battling leukemia.  

I thought about those two kids. Cancer should not attack children.  

Who was better off – if “better” is a word that fits the scheme of cancer. The fourteen year old who had been wearing a wig for the past 15 months, probably somewhat aware of her serious prognosis, or the two year old, small, so fragile to withstand the cruel treatment filled with needles and chemicals that will make her sick in an effort to make her healthy, and yet, so unaware of the severity of her condition?  

Cancer should spare children.  

The question remained in my mind, who should be chosen to get ”it” if choice was possible?  

Neither.  Cancer does not play a fair game and there is never a contestant fully aware and willing to partake in the game.  

Yet, many of us are called to play in that poker game where some cards are hidden and we pray that  a winning hand will be dealth to us to defeat the enemy and be able to walk away from that table, but even with a winning hand, the unwilling player is only reclaiming what “it” attempted to steal. There are no winners, there can be losers. As the player walks away, he or she realizes that once they were singled out to play, the chances of being called again to that game will always be higher than others.  

The two innocent kids were singled out more unfairly than others because of their young age. For no rhyme or reason, with no fault on their part or others, simply called to partake in that unfair game called cancer.