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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Factually Spiteful

New to the in-and-outs of the rat race in the corporate world, I befriended a long time manager of the company where I worked.  In our daily walks – pre running time – I learned some very important lessons that have accompanied me for years.  

A different manager wanted to get rid of a member of her staff. She had given the girl a substandard and unfair evaluation.  The worker had written a rebuttal and it had escalated to upper management. 

My friend put it very simple; “use facts and you’ll never go wrong. When you lie, your motives will be seen as spiteful and you a liar. It is unprofessional.” 

You cannot accuse a person of not getting along with anyone when that person has been selected most likeable employee for years.  You can’t accuse a person of absenteeism when that person accumulates PTO more than others.  

Be careful of what you use as your facts and where they come from, my friend would say.  

I see that now when so much is written on social networks like Facebook. Much of what is written is not factual, and many of us post as a means to socialize lightly and humorously. For the most part, facts are not so bluntly put on cyberland.  

While I can joke about eating all the time or being cheap, no one would dare accuse me of the same for in real life I am neither.  

Using something read on FB to hurt or fight a person or defuse attention from mistakes does not count as factual. You cannot, for instance, accuse a person of being a drunk during the time that person is observing complete abstinence during Lent.  The accusation would be categorized as spiteful and a low punch lie in addition to being very unprofessional.  

While you can use facts in your benefit and remain professional, lies only hurt the liar and will come back to make you look, not only unprofessional, but also spiteful. Two adjectives that based on your actions are now facts and that, can be used against you.