I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Monday, December 24, 2012


I like to work. I was taught by my mother to like earning a living honestly. That is a good thing because I have always had to work. I had to pay my way since I was very young; an alcoholic step father forced me into the work force before I was ready. No big deal, I made it. That’s half true. I did make it, clean, honestly, on my own, with lots of hard work, but it was a big deal. It was also difficult. Lots of low paying jobs, scrubbing toilets, laundry mats, car washes, factories, mediocre conditions, long hours, and I always did the best that I could.   

My mother taught me by example to “take pride in what you do”. Sometimes it’s really hard to take pride in burning your fingertips as you pull hot clothes out of the dryer in a laundry mat making minimum wage, but the pride comes in completing the job a lot of times better than expected.  

I like to work also because I need structure. I accomplish more when I have deadlines and projects. I do my best work when my plate is full. Guess that tells you why I direct so well the races I direct. Conversely, when I have all the time in the world, I never have enough time. I don’t even pay my bills on time. If I did not need to work, I would have to volunteer to more non-profit organizations just to manage my time, otherwise, I would probably get all my utilities turned off.  

I don’t see that happening, though. I don’t see a time when I won’t have to work. Like bees some of us were born to work and others to hire us. I don’t know if the order were  reversed I would know how to function. I suppose I could get used to telling someone what to do and not do it myself. Would I be able to pay someone minimum wage and watch them struggle? Maybe if that’s all I was able to pay, but if I were able to pay more, would I still pay less in order to make a bigger profit?  Who knows, I’ve never been in that position. Would I be able to use their need of a job to my advantage to get my way in my own benefit? No, THAT, I know. My line is drawn to where ethics end. I would never cross that line. That’s a teaching by example from the old lady. I learned that well.