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Friday, January 04, 2013

Not About Sweetness.

When the homoeopathist recommended I stop all sugars I thought it unconceivable; how could I destroy the taste of my only cup of coffee a day by having it with no sugar? Absurd. Nevertheless over the course of a few weeks banking on the benefits of a healthier life and aware of the harm of sugars, I got myself used to a cup of coffee without it. 

Years later if I bump into a cup of coffee with that sweet substance in it, it goes untouched.  I will not drink it. That, which one day I thought part of my life and which I fought to keep is now unthinkable to have; I despise its mere presence.  

Sometimes it takes a long time to realize that which we kept close to our hearts was damaging to our wellbeing. It takes a long time to appreciate how good life is without it.