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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Better Late...and Today Was Late. 20 Miles

My running has not been going well. The excuse of “I ran a marathon  in the pouring rain while sick” is losing effectiveness, I’m having a hard time holding on to that excuse any longer. I am just tired and…do I dare say it? Lacking the drive. There’s nothing wrong physically (emphasis on Physical) from what all can tell. Yes, yes, because of some little issues, I am tested regularly and when something seems off the minute I mention it to a doctor I get more blood drawn.  

Now, my mind is something else, many will agree. Perhaps it is the stress of directing Celebrate Life Half Marathon that has interfered with my running. Although all pieces of the puzzle come together, it is still a major responsibility that has my name inscribed in it. Hey, it’s not every day that a person travels from Texas or Oklahoma to this county to run a race.  

Consequently, I have not been able to run any long distance consistently not by lack of trying but…maybe lack of effort. Dunno.  I did run 17 a few weeks ago and it was pathetic, I was pathetic. I was freezing the entire time and I walked more than I care to admit in writing. I planned to run another 17 or more but it just didn’t happen. Well, in my defense, it snowed one day really bad. Another day I went for 17, but on my way there I decided to just do 13 and by the time I got back in my car it was a pitiful 8, not a way to train for a marathon any time soon.  

Planning is not my friend. I do plan, but occasionally (!) I fail at adhering to my plans. So today I had loose plans to run 13, but really more like 10 and perhaps just 8. I already had an strategy in place to make up my long distance tomorrow by meeting my friend at a race, run 3 before, 3 at the race, and maybe 6 after, but even I knew that’s not how things progress between us. It’s more like this, “wanna warm up?”  And by the time we decide to get out there we get only one mile in and after the race there is always the “wanna cool down?” “wanna get pancakes?” 

Nevertheless, I went for my run soooo late that I almost turned around and created another tentative alternative. I started out with 5, then changed my route and added 8 more, by then 5 away from my car I knew I would at least get 18 and of course, I had to push and add two more so I could call it a Twenty Miler. 

Yes! I finally did 20 miles and it felt good even if it was late and I was the only person on the road when the snow was falling heavily and my hands were freezing. I did it and I ran well. I must say not seeing a soul for 2 hours did wonders for my pace. I came home and celebrated with a cold glass of diet Mountain Dew. Yes, this chick is not drinking alcohol for another two weeks.  

I am still planning to go to the race and run 3 before and 3 after and…oh, who am I kidding? I’m going for the pancakes.