I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Just Because

The question infallibly follows my “I published a book” statement; why did you write a book? Is it about your illness? My answer is usually followed with a smile and a brief “because I write”.  

The answer surprises. Maybe because it’s assumed that my simple life should not have much of interest to say to others or perhaps because my accent gives away that English is my second language and most tend to be leery of my ability to string together a sentence, a grammatically correct sentence.  

The other night I shared with a woman I had just met my inability to offer an opinion at a certain board meeting due to the cumbersome of the organization. She looked at me sympathetic. “Yes, it can be very difficult for someone whose first language is not English”. 
Not exactly what I meant, but thank you.

Surprisingly, I write. I consider myself a writer. In my terms that means that I have the ability to write and I constantly do so in my head whether that piece makes it to paper or not. Nevertheless, many of those ideas do make it to paper and get stored somewhere so after storing enough and giving the idea reasonable thought, I decided to publish a book because I could. I did not publish a book to become rich and famous, although I am not opposed to becoming either,  I don’t see any agents fighting to sign me up and my sales have not hit 5 digits, gee I am not even up to 4 digits, so for now I am keeping my job.  

It’s not that easy folks. Yet, depending on where you set your expectations, it is not necessarily disappointing. It has not been for me. On the contrary I am very glad I published my compilation of essays. I didn’t expect much from it so what I have received is a lot more than what I was hoping for. Do I want more? Of course, I want more, but so far it has been rewarding.

The other question is when am I writing the second book?  My friends, the second book is already written just like the first one was before it hit the stands (figurative speech, of course). I told you I write constantly!  I have enough material for about four more books. It might not be the best material, but heck that’s a matter of opinion. E. L. James doesn’t like her own writing and very few people consider her a good writer, yet she became famous and filthy rich with her soft porn book. Who knows? My worst book might be the one to become New Times Best Seller. However, because my chances of achieving that status (famous, filthy rich, soft porn writer) are very slim, and publishing a book is not free to us unknown writers, I am going to wait before I invest any more money in boosting my ego.  

There you have it. It’s not a complicated answer. I published a book because I had the material and the desire to put it together, and because…well, because it is I.