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Friday, April 05, 2013

A Beautiful Elegy to a Beautiful Girl

I never gave proper credit to the small local paper that focuses on the athletic achievement of our students. This writer who probably knows my daughter after covering numerous track meets in which she and Jessica competed wrote the best elegy for this beautiful girl. 

Richard Ross  did what few do; most of us, myself included get caught in the web of sensationalism forgetting what is important, the essence of a person, the good that made them special, the joy they brought to our lives.  

I have wanted to always remember the good, but at times I have fallen short and I have given in to a current of anger forgetting if only briefly that which once I swore never to forget: the good that is in all of us.

News of a life well lived fades quickly, the curiosity increases when the news is saturated with highlights of misconduct that gives a distorted but interesting picture of the fallen subject. Sadly, the human nature enjoys as vultures to feed on injured animals or the dead. We see it in celebrities who live in the scrutiny of the public eye. When they fall short from their perfect role model status their accomplishments are mentioned if only in passing and the focus becomes their shortcomings.

Petty emotions are easier to come, they do not require much more than to cave into basic instincts. They are like a bad food, satisfying and filling, but never fulfilling. They are a drug that provides a high and leaves the body and soul looking for something to elevate it again. Another drug, another piece of hate news, a quick fix in a life of trivial-mindedness and so we learn to hate, and we dig so much into the bad that the good is eventually displaced to a forgotten land where sometimes it is never rescued again.   

I am glad that a person had the guts to step above pettiness and write an elegy to a star, the kind of star that Jessica was. A beautiful person, an eternal light.