I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Strange Bunch

The jokes were funny 15 years ago, some even as far as 20 years when we met. The strange thing is not that they remain funny, but that we laugh at them as if it were the first time we hear them. We still tell is as if it just happened. We wipe tears after our laughter - tears of joy - we hardly ever cry from sadness, but we have. What is even crazier is that we remain good friends and we remain fun. 

We are a strange bunch. Often we say to one another “we were wasted” and by that we mean that our biggest asset, our humor, was not explored beyond the confines of our cubicles. We were fun or we had fun.  

We knew how to make fun of ourselves before we laughed at anything else. We knew how to respect each other’s grounds and never make a joke that was too close to home, no joke can be funny if it’s meant to be offensive. We knew that.

We have also consoled one another, held each other’s hand at funerals, and difficult places. We have made that phone call to say “I’m here for you” and really meant it and we have driven to one another to physically be there. We have been at each other’s wedding, seen our newborns and seen our children grow. We have watched our struggles and we have celebrated our victories.  

All of us have something in common, we treasure friendship. A lasting friendship is not a novelty to us rather we reinforce the concept of friendship in each other.  

We are a strange bunch. We are funny and we are friends. Somehow, we manage to be both when we are together. Somehow, we manage to remain the same when we are not.