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Tuesday, April 02, 2013


When Taylor Swift threw a stab at her former beau with her faux British accent in her performance, she got all the attention of the night, but perhaps not the kind she was hoping for. Her dig exposed her in front of her audience as scorned, immature, and childish and that perception overshadowed her performance. The reviews were negatively impacted by her swipe at her ex boyfriend. Not exactly what she wanted.  

The use of media or social networks to get back at someone is a low instrument in the search for validation from others, a validation that is often not received.  Keeping in mind that half of the friends on Facebook can’t be bothered with a person’s drama chances are they will not be swayed by the cryptic reference to a certain person. 

The attention derived from actions meant to ridicule a person is risky and it does not always go in the direction expected. It is safer to take the high road, tell a close friend, or even a wise woman, and follow a rule of thumb, do not put in writing what you don’t want read in the court of law. It usually comes back to bite you or at the very least, makes you look resentful, immature and childish, not exactly the reaction you were looking for from your so called friends.