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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Names and Pets

I don’t know when pets started having people’s names; I just met Dario, Walter, Alfredo. Last week I was acquainted with Mason, Fred, and who could overlook “Lola”, my friend’s Chihuahua who wears more different sweaters than I do.  When I was growing up the pets in the neighborhood had “animal” names: Fluffy, Star, Spot, Lady, Princess, Coco, hey I have my own Chubby at home, but I’ll admit I also have a Hubert.  

Just the same, I don’t know when people starting having pet’s names: Whisper, Star, Kitty!  

Along those lines, I met a family who named their children Kennedy, Reagan, Madison. When “All the Presidents” left we could do nothing, but shake our heads and thank God we had a different wisdom when we picked our kids names. A different wisdom, if wisdom at all, I named my daughter a beautiful name (in my eyes) and also so long that it took her until Middle School before she could spell it, but it was better than the alternative of continuing a family name everyone ever named hated so my choice was not that bad considering what it could have been.  

In addition to Pet’s name, in my business I see a lot of professional names, how about visiting Dr. Donald McDonald or…his brother Ronald? Parents, must you??? 

In naming Robert Robertson, John Johnson, could you get a little more creative? Philip Philips??? For God’s sake, come on now.  

And why would you name your daughter Chastity? If those were your expectations they might not be hers and she might not live up to yours. Also, be mindful of middle names combinations, Poly Ester…might take a child with a good fabric to deal with it. I don’t care how eco-conscious you are, do not name your child Snowflake or Raindrop. My coworker’s last name to go with her Sunshine is Strong. It sounds like you are learning English. Speaking of learning a new language, just because you are a happy immigrant, consider your last name before picking a name. Independence might be a Holiday you are so very proud to celebrate, but Independence Rodriguez might not sound too native.  

Those are the ramblings of this Sunday night. I am going now to take a walk with Weasley and Hubert.