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Friday, May 24, 2013


The advancements in technology as far as e-payments have been a blessing in my life. The only reason my house has not been reposed is because I can make the mortgage payments right from the comfort of my desk and even then if it wasn’t for an alarm that pops on my phone I would probably miss it half the time. I love my IPhone. It tells me how far I ran, it plays my favorite radio station via Pandora, it takes wonderful pictures and heck occasionally it makes phone calls.  It also keeps me in touch with people I know and those I don’t know via social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It is astonishing how communication has changed since the introduction of social networks.  I am nowadays afraid to send an email via Outlook or Yahoo…it seems everyone communicates via Facebook messenger or…via the Wall so that all of us “friends” can be aware of your colonoscopy tomorrow “Hey, want me to pick you up after your colonoscopy?” 

Nevertheless, the benefits of technology are enormous. Just think how great it is to meet a friend and text where exactly you are without having to wear that green polyester suit to stand out. I am a fan of texting. Texting is fantastic (if you are not driving). A simple question can be answered in a second without having to make an uncomfortable phone call when there’s nothing to support speaking to one another. What I can’t stand is carrying a conversation by text.  

A few back and forth texts are acceptable, but unless you are being held captive, I do not want to discuss your life over text. It takes long to type and although I use voice activation it doesn’t always get my accent, besides texts overlap and you end up answering the wrong statement. When I call a friend to keep in touch and say Hi, I am calling to keep in touch. I do not want to get a text in response. And although undoubtedly Facebook is a fun social media tool and it is cool to get 100 birthday wishes, it does not make up for a hand written card, a phone call or even a personal email. E-communication was meant to make our lives easier not replace the personal element.   

I, my little self, am trying to fight this trend. Unless my kids are home, I keep my phone in my purse when in the company of a friend. I still physically dial and call people. I still buy a card and mail it. I still leave a message to say Thank you. I still call to say How are you? I might be alone in this trek, but that road I’m taking cannot be any lonelier than speaking to an unanimated object all day.