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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What's Love Got to Do With It?

There are crimes that because of the attention given by the media are forced on my face with every gory detail. Something compels me then to try to understand what made a person reach the lowest point a human being can reach, that place where the goal is to cause harm to another. 

Crimes of money are black and white,  life has a price, simple as that. For this perennial romantic person, crimes of passion are more difficult to understand. How can a person hurt someone they once loved? 

I understand that moment when in a fit of emotion and blinding anger a person snaps, I get that.  That point of no return can be reached and one can be caught in a web of irrationality.  Anything can happen in those seconds, even minutes when the mind is clouded with reaction and rage. I get that.  

But…we snap out. Once we realize we are hurting someone, we snap out! When before your eyes lies a person we are hurting with our hands or our actions, we stop, we take a step back. That’s the difference between losing your senses for a moment in a fit of irrational rage and being a heartless being who finds pleasure in hurting  others.

I don’t get that.  

I don’t get that in the name of love and blinding passion someone can cause repetitively so much harm without snapping out of it. Intentionally and recurrently causing pain is not love, but a sadistic search for revenge and satisfaction.  

High profile crimes of passion make me want to understand the mind of the criminal or of anyone who causes pain. But time after time, I fail at finding a reason for a person to remain caught in the web of destruction knowingly hurting someone they once claimed to have loved. I don’t get that.