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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

On The Hairy Side.

I have a lot of hair. I mean a lot and in addition it is curly. All of that is great with the exception that with lots of curly hair comes frizz and that makes my hair unmanageable and intolerable.  

In younger days I wore my hair below my shoulders. The weight of the hair kept it down and it actually looked good. As I have gotten to that middle point in my life I have opted for a shorter style and that increases the frizz.  

Every single time I have been to a hair dresser I hear “what nice hair you have!” “What I would give to have hair like yours” I wish they would tell me what they would do with it if they had hair like mine because I have never been able to do much. Not only that it is quiet unmanageable, I am also pathetically non-creative. 

I tell you, when I’m in the pool, it looks good as long I don’t allow the sun to dry it and revive the evil frizz. Now you know why once I get in the water I remain there especially if anyone is taking pictures. I have tried the “wet look” products, but that look gets boring and the curls become hard as mattress springs.  

I have met a few people who dare different styles with their curly hair and a couple did look good. I am not one of them. And in those high humid days of the summer, I look good until I put the blow dryer away and walk over to my car. By the time I get to work, I look as a brown ungroomed poodle.   

In the last couple of years I decided to experiment with relaxers. Nothing really did much other than damage my hair and in addition to the frizz, I had split ends, not the way to go. And then a miracle…! I found a product that makes my hair soft and shiny, and it lets me step out of the shower, shake my head like the poodle above and leave the house without one gram of hair controlling mess. Downside is I do like my curly hair and the product makes it straight, but heck, how many people can roll out of bed and look the same way they did at night? No surprises there for anyone sharing that bed.   

Finally I have manageable no frizzy hair. It didn’t do much for my creativity, but can’t win them all.