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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What I Hate

You think there will be a long list, huh? It is not. Maybe another day I can come up with things I hate, but it’s difficult because it’s not something that comes easy to mind. Must be that I don’t hate many things, but there is one thing I hate and I am going to tell you.  

The things I hate are usually because I don’t understand them and I don’t understand when a message is not replied to. I hate when people ignore a message. I always reply, and I don’t understand when people don’t. It’s not that difficult, there are many quick replies “yes, maybe, no, I don’t know, I can’t, I have no idea, I’ll be happy to, I don’t think so, I’m away, I don’t feel like it, I’m tight up, etc.” Granted, answering every single email and message has at least once gotten me wrapped in a thread of endless messages, but that has not been the norm, only the exception.  

The worst is when in a regular text thread suddenly you type a message that will not be answered like “can you call me? I don’t want to type and drive” SILENCE or you pop a question about something you know that person knows and that person who always replies to every single message gives you SILENCE,   or when the simple “Hey, wanna get together?” gets a SILENCE, but that person is on line on other social media and you see it. A simple “can’t, not now, don’t want to talk about it, not at liberty to say, go away, I’m tired” would suffice at least for me. I would respect any answer, any answer at all, but SILENCE makes me think there is something more there… 

There it is; the thing I hate the most today. I hope not to find something bigger to hate tomorrow, this seems to be pretty harmless although big to me. For now, I hate when people ignore my messages. I don’t care to hear reasons because I am exercising my right to hate things. That’s in the Constitution, isn’t it? It’s not?