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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Be Happy

Infrequently Facebook can provide something interesting and positive. Just now I saw a post by my friend about life being too short to be anything but happy.  True. I couldn’t agree more.

We’ve had a rough week. My kid was in the hospital and coincidentally so was my friend. Although I lost it a couple of times, the resilience and ability to adjust of my daughter put things in perspective for me. 
On her first day in ICU I reminded myself of the silver-lining as I remembered the words of a friend years ago “when something bad happens thank God”.  And this week I did. I did because she chose to come home for the weekend, because in spite of my tight schedule I picked her up and because we were able to get an appointment with a doctor.  Thank God, all of that saved her life.  
One thing I learned a long time ago was to not complain about the ones who are not present, treasure instead the ones that are and I have.  It can be difficult at times, but I like to celebrate those who took the time to be with me and with her.  During the four days that she was admitted, I was showered with the support of wonderful friends and relatives, my daughter has recovered and adjusted, and I have been reminded of the love of those people who were with me, what more can I ask for?
My friend was also discharged and likewise she will adjust and recover.  One question I asked her, “can you have wine?” and she said “It’s good for my health”. 
All is well, then.  There is no reason to be anything but happy.