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Sunday, December 01, 2013

It Was The Next Time

I wrote “The Next Time” years ago referring to my failure to reach out to two people I knew who had passed away. I was aware one was sick and terminal, the other died unexpectedly and suddenly.  For some reason their images came to mind in the few weeks before their passing with recurrent episodes. Each time I vowed to write, call, email, but just as many times I found a reason to postpone contacting them.

I vowed then never to ignore that calling.  Never to ignore that urge to reach out to someone.  The thought came once after and I did reach out although there was no negative outcome.  I was glad for that. Then a few weeks ago I started thinking of a former boss whom I knew had some health issue.  I contacted my friends who worked with him. I asked for an address to email him or send him a card, but no contact information was available. I asked a few more people, nothing. Then that same week after I contacted some of my friends, the call came from one of them, he died.

Unlike years ago when I wrote “The Next Time” I feel fine about my actions because I did listen to my inner voice.  What is on my mind now is why do I get that feeling that I must contact someone in their final days?  The people for whom I felt that desire to contact where people I had known and shared some moments with, but there has not been a strong connection with them, yet three times now I have felt the need to reach out to them in their final days.

I have no explanation other than it is a rare coincidence.  One word of caution, if I contact you and say “I have been thinking of you lately….” You better run.