I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Sunday, January 05, 2014

Say Good Bye

What do you say to a person, a 16 year old who might be dying in the next 24 hours? How do you comfort them when all the pleasantries “you look good” “you’ll get better”, “you’ll beat this”, you’ll be out of here in no time” seem a joke if said to their face.
Do you pretend you are composed and carry on a superficial conversation asking them about their plans for the…next 24 hours?
Do you break down and tell them this is not fair, you feel for them, you wish you could help, but nobody can because the doctors have washed their hands after their last attempt and now are saying they are done? There is nothing else they can do. 
Do you laugh through your tears and joke to make their last hours lighter?
Do you tell them keep the faith because miracles do happen and maybe there will be one before the surgery that might take your life? Do you look at them straight in their face and tell them you are praying when the only viable prayer is for the end of their suffering so they can find peace and God in another world because in this world He/She didn’t want you to stay long nor help you get better. 
How do you say Good Bye when you leave knowing that Good Bye is the last word you will ever say to them? How do you walk out of that room when they look at you with tears knowing themselves they won’t see you or anybody again?
Do you hold their hand and tell them it’s the end, there won’t be a tomorrow and if there is there won’t be many more.  There is no explanation because you can’t explain unfairness.  
Do you say anything or do you remain silent?
I remained silent.