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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Criminal Mind.

As the newscast remembers the tragedy of Boston Marathon, I can’t help but look at the face of that young criminal and wonder what possessed him to disregard human life in pursuit of his extremist political or religious beliefs and to be so disposed of any remorse for the harm he caused so many innocent people.
It has always baffled me that a human being can find personal satisfaction in hurting others. Bombings, calculated murders that aim at causing harm to others and sometimes to total strangers are incomprehensible to me.  That a person can master mind the destruction of others, then sit and watch it evolve while rejoicing in its outcome is perplexing.
While thankfully these high profile crimes are rare, the hunt for personal satisfaction is seen often at a lower scale, but rooted in the same evil purpose and with the same goal as the major ones, to damage others: The coworker who rats to her boss about one of the staff being late; or the friend who degrades another to gain validation from her counterparts; a story that is embellished in one’s favor while harming another; the good-doer who whispers what he or she heard somewhere else and which message will hurt someone’s reputation.
They share more than the personal satisfaction derived from hurting another, their actions are also justified with beliefs.  The coworker is only doing the “right thing” in the best interest of the Company; the friend is only telling her side of the story, the whisperer is only trying to help and all of them share a complete lack of accountability for their actions because causing harm in their justified minds is a byproduct of pursuing their personal ideology. Somewhere along the way wrong becomes right.
Self absorption and personal greed are a lethal combination that easily crosses the line between good and bad.  When a person can sit and watch the outcome of their actions and not make amends, I feel as baffled as I am with criminals, because  they are in a lower scale a different kind of criminal.