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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Make a Difference

I am all for awareness and dissemination of information that aims to help others. Perhaps a few bumps in the road that brought situations closer to home fueled my alertness to certain issues that affect many.  I am also realistic enough to realize that awareness alone does not change an outcome.

Action must follow the spoken word.
The ice bucket challenge brought awareness to what ALS is, what it does to people afflicted with it, but more importantly, it encouraged millions of dollars in donations to research to find a cure. No matter how many buckets of ice you throw on yourself, without the monetary donations, nothing would change.  
It is not enough to state what you hate, “repost if you agree”.  None of it is going to make a difference.
Take action.
Sign up. Stand in line and be tested to be a bone marrow donor.
Mentor a child if you hate abuse. Donate a couple of hours of your 168 hour week.
Work a soup kitchen or drop off a homemade meal to alleviate hunger.
Hate to see a homeless man or woman suffer in the winter? Give them a pair of gloves or hat. Remember that social status is circumstantial and that place where they are could be anybody’s if luck turn its back on one of us.
Donate to a charity which purpose is to find a cure for a life threatening illness.  Choose one or more of the many out there.  Make a difference.
If you hate cancer, abuse, or hunger, don’t state it. Follow through with an action because a post and reposting will not find a cure, will not feed the hungry, will not defend a child no matter how many likes it gets on a Facebook page.
Choose to take a stand.
Choose to make a difference.