I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Saturday, January 03, 2015

A Year in Review.

A year ago I considered 2013 unremarkable. As I reflect on 2014, I find it different to all other years, and perhaps it qualifies, unlike the previous one, as remarkable.
It was a year of awakening. A year when an emotional growth I had desperately sought in the past came when I had forgotten I was still in need of it.
It was a year when I reevaluated my definition of friendship and held to it myself and those I have considered friends. The definition categorized and archived past relationships, shorten my list in the present, and also eliminated disappointments that, inevitably, come with expectations. It made for healthier and stronger relationships.
It was a year when I made use of my right to refuse negative energy in my life. Whether it meant to walk away from an angry person, deleting emails without reading them, or simply remaining quiet in the face of someone’s negativity or deprecation and hostility. I refused to own a ticket to their unhappiness.
I felt at peace during 2014 with a great sense of accomplishment in many areas. I  enjoyed my quiet times and relearned to find them when I needed a break from the demands of life. It was also a year when I valued and respected myself and my choices and stood up for my convictions and beliefs.
It was a year watching my daughter grow accustomed to her life as a diabetic type I and learned from her endless sense of adjustment, her conformity that is not resignation, and the strength she draws from her faith.
It was a year of professional growth. That same professional growth and my goals did not allow me to dedicate the time I needed to publish a new book. While I have written, the level of my writing has not reached the acceptance I personally require to put in print. My upcoming vacation in the sun will provide me with some time and relaxation to work on my project.  
It was a different year, and for that, it was a good year. A remarkable year.