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Friday, October 02, 2015

Due Diligence.

I am not an opponent of the second amendment. I believe people have the right to bear arms same as they have the right to education, to drive a car and own a house even if not specified in the Constitution. We have rights that should not be taken away. However, my right to have and to own should not inflict harm on others. My right should not be the reason of your demise.
There is disparity, by comparison, in the accessibility of owning a driver's license and owning a gun. A driver’s license requires two tests, and prudential time in between. No one walks out of DMV for the first time with a driver’s license. Certain medical conditions will prevent a person from receiving one. 

It does not prevent all accidents. Criminals will find a way and break the law regardless: Vehicles are driven with no license or on a revoked license and accidents and crimes are committed in spite of regulations, but some, whatever the number, are weeded out.
Regulations and restrictions are implemented to prevent accidents based on experience and research. They help weed out those who should not have access to certain things even if it’s their right, but because of their condition or history, that right must be rescinded.
Should we allow a person to walk into DMV and get a license, register a car, and drive away with no concern to whether they can drive or not? Should we ignore their eye sight, medical or mental condition and endanger the life of others arguing that they have the right to a license like everyone else?
Should we ignore the signs? Should a constitutional right be granted with no hesitation even when the risks outweigh safety?  It’s their right and whether they have the potential to hurt others should be ignored…Is that it?

That’s what we are doing with gun control or lack thereof. We are extending “the right to bear arms” beyond logical limits. We are ignoring signs, conditions, backgrounds. We are allowing people, unfit people to own a gun, more than one gun, unlimited number of guns. We are allowing a man in Virginia to walk out of a gun shop within two hours with guns and ammunition to commit a heinous crime in Virginia Tech in spite of his background and mental instability. If anyone had done a background check they would have known he was unfit. We allowed a man to walk into Sandy Hook and kill precious little people ignoring his many signs, disregarding his background. We allowed a man with mental issues to own 13 guns and kill 9 people in Oregon. We ignored all signs because they had the right to own a gun.

No, we did not ignore signs. We didn’t bother to do a background check to find out. We didn’t spend prudential time to investigate if they were fit. We disregarded all precautions because they had the right to bear arms as stated in the Second Amendment. We didn't do our due diligence.
In observing the Second Amendment and granting people the right to bear arms indiscriminately we are overlooking and breaching other amendments. We are granting guns to criminals to take away the rights of citizens, rights that are protected by other amendments. The right of speech, press (TV station shooting), and religion (Charleston); protection from unreasonable search; unusual punishment. What more unreasonable search and unusual punishment is for someone to break in and shoot you?
Incomprehensible, unconscionable.
I am not opposed to the right to bear arms. I am opposed to blindly giving a gun to a sick person to commit a crime when, if we took the time, did the proper background check including medical history, we would prevent some of these crimes. Would it be 100% proof? Nothing is. But preventing one is better than none.
No one needs a gun so badly they must have it the same day. 
I am not an opponent of the Second Amendment, but I am a mother, a friend, a relative, a citizen. It's time for a change.
Let’s do a little due diligence and get the right to bear arms in the “right” hands.