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Sunday, March 06, 2016


There are two types of people, those who cancel, and me.
That is not to say I’ve never cancelled. I canceled on a volunteer post for the Classic 10K in 2005 and then 2008 when I ended up in the emergency room having major surgery on the same weekend two different years.
Life “happens” and most of us have busy lives.  Appointments, sick dogs, children, elderly parents, family reunions, you name it, and when we commit to something we are taking a slot of time from our schedule and somebody else's.
It’s very simple, I think. If I cannot fulfill my promise I should not commit, and if something prevents me from delivering I should let the other person know except, of course, if I am under anesthesia.  To do any less is to lack respect for that person.
It’s a matter of respect.
I have learned to work around these prospective cancellations to the best of my abilities and not waste my time waiting. I carry on with my day in the event that cancellation happens. But it’s difficult when you have an event and must rely on a volunteer to fulfill their duties. It is nearly impossible to have people on stand-by to cover those potential no shows. Their failure to show can disrupt many areas of an event for which you have spent months organizing. Likewise, when a meeting has been set up for two months in advance, I keep that slot available solely for that meeting. After all, I must be respectful to whom scheduled their time with me.
They should do the same.  
When that text (not even a call) comes an hour before meeting time to say they have something else to do, it has ruined my chances of scheduling another meeting or making personal plans. Or when no text nor call comes to announce their cancellation, one must assume that person doesn’t take your time very seriously and has no regard for your busy schedule.
Not every cancellation is going to cause a major commotion in somebody’s life, but all of them, when not backed up by a good reason (not necessarily major surgery) show lack of respect for the other party. On the other hand, cancellations with not even a call or text are simply plain rude.
I don’t know what it is like to be on the other group. I’ll never know.