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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Comedy of Errors

If it wasn’t such a stressful day, I would have thought it to be very funny.
Got to Columbia Presbyterian for my test. Walked into doctor’s suite to register and get blood work. “No, you have to go to the catscan for that”
Last time I was told to come here first.
“No, that was not coordinated with us”
Go to Catscan waiting room. Drinking the barium fultate and waiting. Ten minutes before I asked “Am I going to get blood drawn before the scan as it’s always done?”
“We don’t know anything about that. We can’t see that information. Go next door to the lab”
Went to Lab: “You are not registered. Do you have the script?”
Back to catscan “I need a script”
“We don’t have that information here.  Tell them to look you up”.
Back to Lab “Look me up”
“You are not registered plus you are already drinking the barium sulfate.”
Back to scan waiting room. “Lab won’t do it”
“They’ll test you here for kidney function only before the scan”
Get to scan…no kidney function test.
Inside of tube nurse asks “do you have a skirt on?”
No, shorts.
“We can see the zipper”
“Maybe you should have told me to lower my shorts like it’s always done? You do this every day. I don’t”
Nurse gets her arms inside tube, tells me not to move while she lowers my shorts.
I would have thought taking me out to lower my shorts and redoing the images would have made more sense.