I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Until The Shadow Goes Away

I am not bothered by what public figures say no matter how opposed to my ideology they might be. I welcome the opportunity to explore new ideas and entertain diverse thoughts. Your voice, your opinions, or that of the celebrities don’t bother me. It is that “shadow” that festers as a byproduct of it resembling a volatile gas awaiting a crack in the window to leak in that pushes me away.
When it finds that escape, when that shadow is out and negative feelings are running wild, it becomes difficult to express an opinion that can in any way be deemed controversial or simply against the parameters already set by your beliefs. Parameters that are now voiced out by that “shadow”.
The shadow is like an evil child. You must keep it guarded, surveyed, and never out of your sight, because once you open the gate there is no stopping it, it will run loose causing a chaos.
You’ll marvel at it. Is this really part of you? Are these your thoughts? You might be proud, or it might scare you, and there is no way to stop it. You let it loose.
And it’s okay. You might lose some friends. Some whom you know you have insulted, but you won’t apologize because there is no apology needed. Your shadow spoke its mind, and you will become acquainted even if briefly with others who have also let their evil child loose and who will appreciate you.
They will empower you. The more vehement and even vicious they are, the more validated you’ll feel. If anyone dares challenge you, you will unleash more of your child wrath. That will teach them.
How dare anyone, anyway?
You have the right to post anything even if offensive against those who don’t think like you. You’ll call them names and disagree. After all, your shadow is speaking the truth, and you know you are right. They are all wrong and as such deserving of the insults.
You might make a concession and privately tell someone “It’s not about you” when you notice the evil child has gone overboard in the insulting phase.
But you won’t take a step back now. You’ve gone too far to take it back.
There will be people like me who will hesitate to post a comment after seeing your come backs to those who don’t agree with you. I’ll stay away from those who call women C—t, and I will stay away from your posts if offensive. And I will hope that this is just a phase. That the shadow you let loose will go back inside not be seen until the next election realizing perhaps that you did not convince anyone. In the meantime, I’ll scroll down and ignore you, and if it gets that bad, I’ll unfollow you until you can put that evil child back in the dark. Only then I might start enjoying you again and remember why we were friends in the first place.