I write about my life and life itself seen through my eyes for who can write through the experiences of others if not their own?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Be Present

Between my full time job, my side jobs, family obligations and my community involvement, I am a very busy person with very limited time to do much more. If you want to get together with me you will have to...want to get together.
I will always make the time.
You see, time is a commodity we all possess and what we do with it and how we distribute it is our choice.
I have as much time as anyone else, no more, no less, exactly the same minutes in an hour and the same hours in a day as every person alive.
I know it gets tough. I’ve had those responsibilities often put forward when someone wants to find an excuse for not having time. I’ve had the demanding husband, the demanding job(s), the kids at home, life threatening health issues, surgeries. Add to the mix marathon training, race directing, newsletter editing, and you’ll find a woman eager to make time for you when you make time for her.
I’ve always found time to see a friend and technology has facilitated keeping in touch when being physically present is not possible.
I am not keen on the phrase that implies friendship can sustain long periods of absence and yet pick up where left off. Personally, I have friends I see only a few days every so many years, but for the love of God, we keep in touch! We don’t just pick up where we left off. We know about each other’s important moments. We remain in each other’s life in spite of the distance. We are present.
In an era of electronic communication, not keeping in touch with someone is no more than a choice.
Look at it from a business perspective, to have a successful relationship with your customers you want to make sure they don’t forget you and the only way to ensure that is to be present. Although distance can make the heart grow fonder, relationships cannot survive the pass of time with no interaction.
So be present. Let technology help if distance cannot be overcome, and every so often, do the unthinkable: make a phone call. Yes, smart phones also make phone calls. Never understate the power of the human interaction. The heart can only grow fonder when we choose to use time wisely, that same time we all have been granted.