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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Don't Judge Me. Judge What I do

“Be careful what you put out there in social media” my friend urged. “Many people won’t attend your event based on your political views.” I could see the concern in her face.
I tried to remember what posts could have offended anyone. I don’t have strong political views. Aside from throwing a “Snopes” link to point out incorrect information, the only time I get involved in any debate is when it pertains to who I am, the daughter of a once-illegal immigrant. But I’ve never insulted anyone, used offensive language, nor called anyone names. Furthermore, the couple of people I have battled remain my friends and we laugh and joke when we get together. Their political views have not changed my view of them.
Her comment reminded me of another person who, years ago, warned me of the danger of posting pictures of wine for fear of giving the wrong impression. The wrong impression? Why would anyone pass judgement based on my humorous posts?
I let up on the wine posts and adopted a more solemn attitude albeit briefly.
It didn’t last long. I went back to my joyful way and silly posts realizing that I was changing the way I am in pursuit of the approval of people who don’t know me. If my jokes and photos of a glass of wine (which most of the time I purposely grab for picture sake) make someone judge me, then they don’t know me nor care to know me.
I felt the same way after my friend confided her concerns. If people choose to disassociate themselves from a charity event based on our different choices at the voting booth, and that difference outweighs the hours of work put into it, and the hundreds of people who are assisted as a result of it, they are missing the point and they are not attending for the right reasons.
The right reason is that there are people fighting for their lives at the same time that life has them down financially. My stand on defending the status my mother once held should not make anyone forget those people who are overwhelmed by debt, and who in some cases don’t know if they will see another Christmas.
You can dislike me, but don’t dismiss, based on the way you feel about me, the good this event does. Don’t dismiss and don’t forget those who benefit from it.
Don’t judge me, judge what I do.