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Saturday, March 02, 2019

The Struggle of a Local Event for Media Coverage

Around this time Luke 4:24 24 Then He added, “Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown." is read in church.   

It’s only fitting as I often feel that way when I organize the Celebrate Life Half Marathon which benefits cancer patients in Sullivan and Orange Counties, NY.

While the local paper covers pancake breakfast, benefit lunches, and student projects, all of which are deserving of the coverage, one of the largest races in the Hudson Valley struggles to get coverage.

The same goes for the local TV station and radio station which I’ve seen covering small events, but neither respond to the request for coverage of this event that happens to be in their neighborhood. I assume the pancake breakfasts keep them very busy.

As I plan this year's event, I remember four years ago when a band donated their time in a restaurant and all that was needed was for people to attend and buy tickets to benefit the race. In the county were most of the money the event raises stays, five people attended. On the other hand, I went online and raised $2,000 from people who were not from the area and were not going to be at the restaurant. It makes you wonder…

Is a prophet really not accepted in his own town?
When I did the newsletter for my running club each edition took 35 to 40 hours plus folding, labeling, and mailing. While no one thanked me, many reprimanded me for not posting their article or featuring their photo. Conversely, every time anyone from another club got their hands on the paper, they complimented me on the work I had done. Go figure!

I wonder what makes out of the area events more appealing or better yet, what makes us not appreciate the ones we have nearby? Is it a sense of entitlement that makes us think a local person is less deserving and their contribution less meritorious?

I am flabbergasted when I realize how arduous it is to get any coverage for the race by the local media. How difficult it is to get a donation, how laborious it is to get help.

While thoughts and prayers and good wishes are appreciated, they don’t do much for the cancer patients who are waiting for a grant from this organization. Unless you take it upon yourself to make that phone call to help, unless you dig in your pocket to make a donation, unless you get out of bed and volunteer, your thoughts and prayers won’t do much for those in need.